Business Experience is Your Protection

Wednesday, May 4 @ 09:05 AM
Charles Mouse - financial expert

We all depends each other. No one can live alone. Living independent means not alone. We always are caring about our friends, family members, business member, employees and others.

Sometimes you would have heard some people are saying that he is a self made millionaire or he becomes this position by his own hand. However, you cannot grow your own unless you get the assistance of others.

It is all about people. If you want to make a crowd you need at least three people. If you want to marry you need two people. Likewise, you need people to assist towards your achievement.

Being an independent person is always good, but you always find the necessity of others. Yes it is true that you don’t need to lean for someone else. You can do lot of thing your own like you are caring your own body and paying for you own house bills. Therefore, if anybody can be an independent person it will always give him a great feeling.

Everybody have self esteems. Lots of people believe in their talents. And some thinks about god and his whispers. People like to share life with others. You should always try to seek the beauty before unfold. Your awareness about your environments will give you a fair chance in hard times.

You should never think that your employees are your slaves. They work for you for sake of salary. They expect the salary, leaves and proper working environment.

Employees need better working environments to perform their tasks properly. Working environment is critical for your success. And it will speak about you and your company.

You as the employer have responsibility of meeting the expectation of your employees. You should make sure that your employees are not getting harm because of their bad working condition. Your bank should have reasonable reserves to pay your payroll. You should insure your employees. Welfare is the next thing. You should maintain a proper welfare fund. Proper chairs and desks are needed for your workers. They should not get any harm from the working environments.

You should hide your face if you are a person who believes that you are independent. Everybody is depending on each other. You hire employees to work hard and generate you an income. You use such income to pay the payrolls for your employees and buy some other things that needed for your company.

People are always caring about their job security. They always try for alternatives. But this is not the case with employers. They used to think that their employees are for life time.

You as employees should make sure to do what you are assigned for. And deliver your best.

In the past some companies had monopolies on their market. Specially, the companies who were in the field of telephone, postal and other utilities had a monopoly on their field. And especially there was no competition at all. In those businesses employers and employees both had security about their portion.

However, later the deregulation sanctions imposed on those monopoly businesses. Lot of trucking industry giants had to change their strategies. Eventually they had no chance to operate in a free economy. The results were the consolidation. This was good for some extent. However, there are some adverse effects on it. The concepts developed from free market to open market.

We have never heard that these companies have a layoff. Some people have got fired. Lot of government employees has secured their jobs as they see no threats for their jobs. It is obvious that government jobs give you a more secured job opportunity than the private jobs.

Usually the Security of the private sector is unmatched with the public sectors.

It is an obvious equation that average workers make average salary, while the good workers make good salary. Not only salary. Average workers get an average vacations while good workers get a good vacation. It is simple as that.

Most of the people are doing average jobs. Therefore, they are getting average wages and average benefits. It all depends on your performances.

For a person there is nothing than their own security. Give time to technology. That will pass you. You should never stop learning. That will helps you to climb the ladder more quickly than you thought. Your performances will speak for you. Therefore, if you are a good performer, you don’t have to be worry about your future. Your future is assured as you are a good performer. There is huge demand for good performers these days.

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